Cleaning Your Jewelry

These Pepsi earrings have been blunted on edges with a jewelry file so not sharp at all. They are absolutely adorable on the ear. Especially with dark hair.

There are as many ways to clean jewelry as there are days of the year. Jewelry supply warehouses  sale manufactured jewelry cleaner and usually they have a house brand of their own. Every jeweller will tell you they have one they like best.  I would say my general everyday jewelry cleaner is   QuikBrite.  Jewelry cleaners we buy at department stores have about the same ingredients. They are made for cleaning jewelry in-general. When you purchase from a jewelry warehouse you open the door to a wide variety of cleaners for your jewelry needs. You can get more precise on the description of the jewelry piece you want to clean. For instance, to clean metal jewelry for instance, Sterling or Silver jewelry. Then you may want to purchase a cleaner that also has a (tarnish Shield)  ingredient in it. This kind of jewelry cleaner that has the tarnish shield, is a general jewelry cleaner but it also has a ingredient, that will reduce discoloration or oxidation on silver, gold or other metals. Usually this kind is safe for stones. But READ the label first, to make certain.  Some of the jewelry warehouse has jewelry cleaner that are designed for brass, bronze and copper. Some of these cleaner/finishers creates a deeper, richer color for this type of metals. Then some also included in the jewelry cleaner, an oxidizer and or a lacquer finish for your jewelry piece.

When making jewelry such as a silver jewelry design that I want the details to pop out at you. Then I might use a cleaner for the jewelry piece with a  product called (MIDUS Met kleen). It has ingredients which prepares the jewelry piece for coloring. Then I might add  a color to the metal  to make the details pop. If I was designing a copper jewelry piece for someone who does not like oxidation. (Oxidation is a chemical reaction that happens to metals over time when they are expose to air. It gives them a natural patina, which changes there color). Coppers will green naturally if not protected from air.  Then I would clean the jewelry piece that has a coat of sealer in it. You can purchase Jewelry Seal Lacquer just for this kind of project.  I will be adding a blog soon about how to prepare jewelry pieces for etching soon. It is a hazardous material  used to eat away parts of the metal. We use it on the parts to make a design or pattern into the metal piece. /when done, the jewelry projects are absolute gorgeous.

You may want to purchase a bottle of this general jewelry cleaner for your jewelry needs at our store.

Reminder:  Lots of the jewelry cleaners are hazardous material, and will need to be disposed of as such. READ Label. Usually just add baking soda will neutralize the cleaner.