What is Sterling Silver

 Sterling Silver wire is a special metal that allows designers to construct beautiful pieces of jewelry. Silver has  properties that enable easy polish. The main reason being is because of the fact that silver has the highest degree of optical reflectivity  of all the metals reflecting 95% of all visible light. Giving this fact, silver jewelry is fun […]

Peyote Stitch Tutorial

Peyote beading stitch is a pattern in which you arrange beads {made from many materials} in a certain pattern usually working side ways up the bracelet. Peyote stitch is very well known all around the world. This has been going on as far back as the Egyptian days. I would say that many beautiful women back in the Bible days used […]

Adjustable Rings

 Adjustable rings are a really great option for  our jewelry needs. They do not have to be sizes and they come in all kinds of  metals.                                 This Ring is such a cute ring. It is silver and has 1 mm New-Jade gem stone beads. The Koi-fish measures approximately 1 &  1/2” long and          9/16” tall. […]