Adjustable Rings

Sweet adjustable Koi Fish with New Jadegenstone beads asjustable ring 150x150 Adjustable Rings Adjustable rings are a really great option for  our jewelry needs. They do not have to be sizes and they come in all kinds of  metals.                                 This Ring is such a cute ring. It is silver and has 1 mm New-Jade gem stone beads. The Koi-fish measures approximately 1 &  1/2” long and          9/16” tall. It has 3 rhinestones on the top of it’s head and has swirls and designs in the tail area. She has a little rhinestone for the eye. She is just so sweet, and they are really fun to wear. The band  also swirls on each link of it’s band. These rings are put together with elastic bands around the inside of the band of the ring. I have had one for Three years and the band is still just fine. I am not sure how long the elastic will last. But as long as you keep all your parts, it won’t be any problem to put them back together. I have several different kind of these adjustable rings but this is the only one Koi I have right now. I can’t find any more of them to bead.  But the wonderful thing about these rings is that they are adjustable in size. You don’t have to worry about if they will fit or not. I have several different kinds of these adjustable rings. I have used very good elastic in all of my adjustable rings.