Peyote Stitch Tutorial

IMG 2320 150x150 Peyote Stitch TutorialPeyote beading stitch is a pattern in which you arrange beads {made from many materials} in a certain pattern usually working side ways up the bracelet. Peyote stitch is very well known all around the world. This has been going on as far back as the Egyptian days. I would say that many beautiful women back in the Bible days used beading in the ceremonies and decorating objects such as dried plants like gourds and baskets. Native American is the giver of the name “Peyote stitch”.

In todays world, jewelry making with peyote beading stitching is only a small percentage of what peyote beading is used for. There is a wide range of use of  Peyote bead stitching  from making hand bags, containers, decorating and even clothing  from this patterns.

Peyote bead stitching is know as a very fast forms of beading stitch. Their are many forms of peyote beading such as: off loom bead weaving, both flat odd & even count, to flat strip rolls being formed into a round cylinder shape tube. or even round peyote stitch.

These pictures of this bracelet and ring I did in peyote bead stitching. The last picture shows how on this project I worked from one end to the other not from top to bottom as some may think. the Third  picture is the ring. I wanted you to see how even on the ring I worked from side to side. In this picture you can also see how to close up the ring, it almost like zipping it up.


IMG 0221 e1390680578183 150x150 Peyote Stitch Tutorial

Peyote Bead Stitching Set

IMG 2325 150x150 Peyote Stitch Tutorial

Peyote Stitch Beaded Bracelet

IMG 2344 150x150 Peyote Stitch Tutorial

Beading a Peyote Stitch Beaded Ring


IMG 2321 150x150 Peyote Stitch Tutorial

Blue Peyote Stitch Beaded Bracelet